Making e-commerce projects successful & future-proof: Kosmonaut becomes Roomle Partner

Selling complex, customizable products online is a challenge - even for the clients of e-commerce agency Kosmonaut. The Roomle Rubens Configurator solves this problem and takes visual product configuration to a whole new level. In the future, the two companies want to work more closely together to make e-commerce projects successful and scalable.

Melanie Müller, 22.03.2021

Roomle & Kosmonaut: Making e-commerce projects successful & future-proof.

The topic of e-commerce has gained enormous momentum in the past year. Those who stand out from the competition with a great customer experience are clearly ahead in digital sales. This is particularly challenging when it comes to complex products with many possible applications, elements, variants, materials and features. A visual product configurator with an intuitive interface, the highest display quality and short loading times solves this problem.

The new quality of product configuration

Roomle establishes a new standard in 3D/AR product configuration with Rubens Configurator. Photorealistic representation of complex products in highest quality and speed with comprehensive logic and unlimited connectivity to all systems and platforms - this means enormous opportunities for e-commerce projects in all sectors and industries.

"Working as a team with Roomle, we are able to offer a highly flexible, absolutely customer-friendly, scalable and easily integrated framework for e-commerce projects," said Evgenij Bazenov of Kosmonaut. "Even the most complex products can be successfully brought to digital sales."

Perfect interaction of systems and data

It is particularly important right now to rely on technologies that are future-proof and scalable. At the same time, it is important to link all channels and systems through a holistic strategy and to enable the perfect interaction of data. This is where Kosmonaut brings valuable expertise as an experienced implementation partner. The e-commerce agency is an expert in store systems and their perfect integration into various front/backend systems.

Roomle Rubens Configurator has a comprehensive open API that can be used to exchange information with business systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and others. It also easily connects to store systems such as OXID, Shopware, Shopify Plus and Commercetools. All design, configuration and costing data is available at any time and can be imported into existing systems.

Winner of the Shop Usability Award: mudju

Award-winning usability

At the beginning of the cooperation between Kosmonaut and Roomle was the implementation of the online store including product configurator for the sofa manufacturer mudju. Kosmonaut was commissioned to implement the website and developed a D2C concept that ideally combines mudju's online store and showrooms in a customer-oriented way.

Central to the online store is Roomle's modular 3D product configurator. It is easy and intuitive to use, but makes it possible to experience all available variants and awakens the user's imagination. The app-less AR function makes it possible to try out the configured sofa of your dreams directly in your own living room.

The success of the first project shows the potential of the partnership: In 2020, mudju not only took 1st place in the "Furniture & Living" category at the Shop Usability Awards with its online store, but the company also took the overall victory.

Successfully implement IDM projects

One focus of the collaboration between Roomle and Kosmonaut is IDM projects for the furniture industry. "By now, many industries, such as upholstery and home furniture manufacturers, have recognized the benefits of the standard industry format IDM for a smooth exchange of information," said Roomle CEO Albert Ortig. "It was therefore important to us to enable the configuration of IDM data in Rubens." With the mudju online store, Kosmonaut and Roomle have already demonstrated how to do it right. Now they are looking forward to further joint e-commerce projects as a strong realization team.

Roomle Rubens Configurator

As an agency with a focus on e-commerce, Kosmonaut has a lot of experience with the well-known store systems and is an ideal strategic partner for the development and implementation of holistic digital sales concepts.

Roomle has developed the Rubens Configurator, the world's first open Full Logic 3D product configurator, taking the customer experience in digital sales to a new level. The enormous flexibility and integration capability enables the use in all systems, on all platforms, channels and devices.

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