Digital shop-in-shop planning at POS

With Roomle, shops can be configured, visualized and augmented at the push of a button - web or mobile . In addition, clear order lists and live statistics facilitate sales. The shop-in-shop platform will be exhibiting at the Euroshop in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 February.

Brita Piovesan, 10.02.2020

Roomle Booth

Intuitive, quick creation of store layouts simplifies shop-in-shop planning processes and reduces the effort for everyone involved. Rely on a modular planning catalog and configurable AR products to duplicate shop systems and roll them out worldwide at superior speed. Orders are triggered directly from the plan, and costs are calculated in real time.

Plan and Multiply Shops at the Push of a Button
Draw store plans intuitively with your fingertip, map them by mobile phone scan or upload DXF files at the push of a button. Intuitive, quick creation of store layouts in live 3-D quality simplifies shop-in-shop planning and cuts down the process from months to one day for everyone involved.

Roomle e-Commerce

Check the Perfect Fit - with Augmented Reality
Access digitally configurable product catalogs to insert and plan POS / shop equipment - and view the results live in AR / VR to gather a realistic impression of what the shop-in-shop will look like. This supports the imagination and convinces wholesalers at the first appointment.

Vom Endkonsumenten zur Maschine
AR View

Easy Configuration of POS Setups
Modular configuration: Using the Roomle Configurator, you define shop furniture with full functionality - every variant, including article numbers and prices, ready for immediate ordering via web & mobile devices. Customizing to meet the client´s needs is now unbelievably quick and easy.

Für den planungsbasierten Möbelkauf
Configure simple and complex products

Order & Roll-out of Shop-in-Shop Planning - Quick and Error-Safe
Simple-to-read article lists facilitate the ordering processes of planned shop-in-shop solutions. Worldwide roll-outs are standardized and efficient. For sharing products and plans with customers for further processing, simply push a button.

Für den planungsbasierten Möbelkauf
Order and Roll-out

Your Advantages

  • Simple sell-in: configure, visualize and augment shops

  • Fast seasonal planning and optional loading of shops

  • Worldwide roll-out of shops and plans

  • Tablet-based sale of shop-in-shop concepts in the retail area

  • Accelerated (release) processes, increased speed

  • Transfer of shops to the inquiry / order process

  • Statistics about store planning (who sells / plans what and where)

  • Access to planning-based parts lists

  • Simplify the entire planning and sell-in process - with just one tool

  • Sell-in and rollout support for shop-in-shop planning in wholesale / retail