Roomle @K5 Future Retail Conference in Berlin

Roomle sets a new standard for highly configurable products available across all channels. At the K5 in Berlin, the "Visual Configurator Platform" presents the diverse application possibilities of digital products to boost e-commerce sales.

Brita Piovesan, 07.06.2023

3D Commerce drives sales
40m² auf der imm
Roomle booth at the K5 in Berlin
Talks at the Conference
Meeting our partner Kosmonaut
Joint keynote with Design Bestseller at the Adobe Stage

Roomle is showcasing its innovative "Rubens Visual Configurator Platform" at this year's K5 e-commerce conference at the Estrel in Berlin, June 20-21 at Stand 114.

Designed to address the challenges faced by brands, manufacturers, and retailers in marketing and selling configurable products, Roomle's cutting-edge technology offers a unique visual product experience that enhances sales efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction.

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The Visual Configurator Platform

With Roomle's Rubens Visual Configurator Platform, businesses can seamlessly configure products of any complexity level in real-time 3D. Customers can also experience these products in their own space using augmented reality, enabling them to make informed purchase decisions. Additionally, Roomle generates high-quality 4K renderings for marketing and sales channels, providing a comprehensive solution for showcasing configurable products. The platform's API-based architecture ensures smooth integration with various systems, including e-commerce platforms, ERP, CPQ, CRM, and PIM, facilitating seamless data flow across all sales and marketing channels, be it mobile, desktop, or in-store.

The Future of e-Commerce Sales

Gone are the days of choosing between selling simple static products or managing an extensive library of product shots and complex presentation logic. Roomle's Rubens Visual Configurator Platform bridges this gap, empowering businesses to market and sell their products more efficiently, resulting in up to 40% - 50% reduction in production costs. Roomle has developed a solution that enables businesses to handle individual product sales and complexity with ease. By leveraging Roomle's technology, brands, manufacturers, and retailers can provide an unparalleled level of customization and an immersive product experience to their customers, thereby driving sales and enhancing their market position.

At the K5 e-commerce Fair, aims to engage with the e-commerce community, demonstrating the power and potential of its Rubens Visual Configurator Platform. With its exceptional capabilities and focus on enhancing the visual product experience, Roomle is poised to revolutionize the way businesses market and sell configurable products. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Roomle and witness firsthand the future of 3D & AR commerce.

Roomle e-Commerce
Design Bestseller Integration of the Roomle Configurator

Add on: Roomle & Design Bestseller's exciting keynote
In addition, there will be an interesting co-session on June 20 at 11:20 am o'clock, from Roomle, together with Design Bestseller: Titled: "Visualize to monetize - Boosting e-commerce sales with 3D & AR".
Michaela Fraundorfer, Director Sales, Roomle GmbH, and Pascal Skropke, CMO, Design Bestseller will outline the possibilities of 3D and AR visualisation and the trends in retail and their impact on your e-commerce sales.

In this co-session with Design Bestseller - one of the largest online retailers for designer furniture in the DACH region - listeners will gain valuable insights into how the company has successfully implemented a 3D, AR and product configurator strategy and managed to increase customer loyalty and sales in collaboration with Roomle.

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40m² auf der imm
Roomle on Stage
Keynote "Visualize to monetize"
K5 after-party
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