Roomle Rubens Configurator

The first open full logic 3D product configurator
In the era of the Internet, the digital visualization of products is becoming increasingly important for market success. Product configurators are becoming more and more important for both - B2C and B2B. With the Roomle Rubens Configurator, Roomle is now setting a new standard worldwide: It is the first open 3D configurator capable of showing digital product models complete with all their logic and extensive interfaces. Choose from four levels offering progressively more functionality to match the type and complexity of the project, the level of digitisation required, and either self-service or with support. Whatever level of configuration you need, the right option is available, on a customer-specific basis.

Brita Piovesan, 06.10.2020

Roomle Rubens - the first open full logic 3D configurator

Go as you grow - Levels to suit every user

With Roomle Rubens Configurator, it’s a snap to create digital models of any product and seamlessly display them on the channel of your choice.

Roomle has come up with a four-level system that makes it easy to start using the product and add complexity as needed. Start with a basic 3D model and add full colour at the touch of a button. Modular and structural configuration begins on level 3, where the complete product logic is modelled. At level 4, you can transfer the configured products in machine-readable format to your production department.

By “going as you grow” and using the four levels, we give our customers the flexibility they need to perfectly tune their products to market requirements. Start at any level you choose: they are designed so that appropriate functions are available for any product, complexity and market. Roomle meets you where you are – with an interface where you can unleash your imagination.

4 Levels - more flexibility

Go as you grow - and choose your level

Augmented Reality without an App - an opportunity for any product

So far, an app has always been needed to experience modular configurable products in AR. Not any more – Roomle is offering a comparable “appless AR” experience. It is the first provider in this segment to offer this service. Instead of installing an app to experience the augmented reality, just use your integrated smartphone to position objects in a virtual space and let your imagination take off.

“This function is exciting for anyone who wants to quickly and directly visualise their products in a space, without any cumbersome configuration”, explains Roomle CEO Albert Ortig. “It offers manufacturers ways to get even closer to the expectations of potential buyers.”

Open - for every channel, product, industry or partner

In addition to the four-level system and appless AR, Roomle has completely redesigned the configuration process. Roomle Rubens now offers an optimised user experience on any browser or mobile device. With features like “smart sizing” (dynamic resizing), modular configuration and live price calculations, the new interface is ideal for fast, smart configuration.
Read more about the interface and functionality in our blog entry The new Roomle Configurator Interface.

Roomle considers itself an open platform: you have an open choice of the four different levels, and the platform is extensible through open interfaces and specifications for the product being configured. Roomle Rubens is also open for all data being imported or exported. Open to any channel, product, industry or partner. Open to any type of configuration and open to the future.

The first open full logic 3D product configurator

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