Roomle & Rooom focus on "virtual trade shows

With optimal presentation options in the digital space and easily configurable products.
Two O's are good, five are better: Roomle, market leader in the display and configuration of digital products, and rooom AG, market leader in leading complete solutions for virtual events and showrooms in 3D, are working together on a virtual trade fair concept with configurable products. The goal is to combine virtual trade shows with digital 3D sales.

Brita Piovesan, 09.03.2021

Trade shows are among the most important marketing tools in the B2B industry. The fact that this branch is changing with the progress of digitalization has already become apparent in recent years. However, Corona has accelerated these changes even further. Trade shows are shifting more and more into the virtual space - a rethink in the industry is underway.

New opportunities in marketing

Virtual trade shows, hybrid events and digital showrooms are cost-effective and can be implemented with little effort and suitable software. Depending on the scope of the digital alternatives, less to no travel and hotel costs are incurred. If a trade show takes place exclusively virtually, no expensive on-site infrastructure with personnel and advertising material is required. As a result, it is more environmentally friendly and can be attended regardless of location or time.

In addition, virtual trade shows open up completely new possibilities for digital marketing. For example, lectures, presentations, webinars, etc. produce enough content that can then be used for social media campaigns and immediately integrated into all channels. Renderings produced at the push of a button show the variety of products that have not yet been produced. This takes trade show sales to a new level.

The bed can be configured at the touch of a button.
3D/AR display quality with the Roomle Rubens Configurator.

The A and OOOO of virtual trade fairs

Thanks to the collaboration between rooom and Roomle, it is possible to virtually display large trade fairs as well as smaller in-house exhibitions. It is possible to get up close and personal with customers in online consultation meetings, to map products 1:1, configure them and experience them in 3D and augmented reality. All product orders, including clear price lists, are available and can be taken online.

The advantages of the cooperation at a glance:

  • Digital quality of presentation.
  • Customized trade show concepts at the touch of a button.
  • Easily create your own 3D content, edit it and present it online
  • Visualize products live in 3D/AR.
  • Accelerated time-to-market: Products not yet produced can be ordered virtually in full and rolled out in excellent quality
  • Be present with customers - despite Corona limitations
  • Increased likelihood of purchase - due to true-to-life representation of digital products in virtual showrooms
  • Easy Inquiries and orders lukrieren
  • Cost factor: Virtual trade fairs are cheaper than on-site trade fairs
  • Environmental factor: Virtual trade fairs are environmentally and resource friendly .
  • Marketing factor: online opens up new marketing perspectives

"Success Hybrid"

Roomle stands for the highest 3D/AR display quality of digital products and is an international pioneer and trailblazer in visual product configurators.
rooom scores with the performance of its all-in-one platform and the value of its experience in organizing and handling virtual trade fairs worldwide.

Virtual and hybrid trade shows will revolutionize the industry in the future. Roomle and rooom combine their experience and market strengths to offer companies the opportunity to stay in touch with their customers and sell better in times of Corona.

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