Roomle Launches Multi-Channel 3-D Product Configurator

Adding a personal design touch to a piece of furniture and previewing the effect in your own home environment is now totally easy: Roomle delves into personalization, customization and configuration of industrial products, introducing a novel 3-D configurator based on the enormously popular Roomle Planner for iPad, iPhone and web. It works real-time and in 3-D on every channel. From now on, the new technology is available for all online shops.

Brita Piovesan, 18.01.2016

Roomle Configurator

Planning made easy: simple, intuitive and custom
Customizing pieces of furniture on the various digital channels presents both industry and retail with planning and logistic challenges. Roomle has dealt with those in depth: Using the Roomle Configurator, variable products and customized furniture can be presented on all sales channels, live in 3-D, real-time and ready for viewing in real-world contexts by means of augmented and virtual reality – with astonishing ease!

Advantages for furniture industry and retail:

  • Effortless creation of product versions and complex configurations.
  • Embedding Roomle Configurators into multiple online destinations is now easy like embedding a youtube video.
  • Embed product configurators into every online shop and link them directly with the shopping cart.
  • Reduce returns in custom order processes.
  • Embed configurators into the Roomle Planner

All products configured in web and mobile apps can be visualized in augmented reality or virtual reality, showing the freshly customized virtual product in the customer´s real living room.

More about the configurator:

Put the spotlight on fun and perfect user experience – and let Roomle manage the technological background!

Creating the perfect furniture for the customer´s home? Showing buyers how a sofa from the showroom would fit into their living rooms? Here? Now? How? Sales often fails because of a lack of information which Roomle will now make available.

Integrating furniture catalogues into the app and providing customers with professional plans is now incredibly simple. Roomle “sees through the users´ eyes”, makes the application simple and manages data and technology in the background. The live experience of creating with Roomle is one of simplicity, effortlessness and excitement about perfect results. This is a real first – and completely unique!

Roomle opens with the launch of the configurator all marketing channels (for agencies, producers and retailers) and ready for all online shops.

The first packages for furniture brands and shops are ready for take-off. Brands like Design Bestseller, Fantoni, Hay and Wogg have been on board from the very start.

Roomle – bring your plan to life!
Roomle was spun off from the Austrian digital agency Netural in July 2014. The market orientation is international, with the focus on optimizing furniture marketing and sales processes. Roomle acts as a hub connecting consumers, retailers and producers. This startup combines over 15 years of professional experience in the digital world and the furniture industry and is supported by international partners. Roomle intends to innovate the rapidly changing furniture industry by providing an outstanding digital service.

Roomle Configurator