Digital Storytelling

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Storytelling is not a new tool in marketing. On the contrary, spinning stories for the purpose of selling is possibly as old as commerce itself. By definition, storytelling means conveying information, messages, data and knowledge in a more tangible way through storytelling. Good storytelling achieves a direct emotional response and has a high persuasive impact.

Ulli Heindl, 04.09.2023

Digital Storytelling by Vallone

Pics, stories and the third dimension

While the ceiling is reached with perfect text, the highest-quality photographic material and sophisticatedly printed quality paper in the case of printed matter, more options are known to be open in the digital world. Customers can be reached more directly, their buying behavior can be measured, and updates can be made available more quickly. Product configurators and augmented reality add another groundbreaking factor to the digital worlds of images and text: three-dimensionality. For digital storytelling at the highest level.

Boost your marketing channels with interactive 3D/AR products.


The use of 3D and AR products is an immensely important step forward in digital marketing, because they fire the imagination tremendously. Complex products can often not be adequately represented and experienced with photos and videos. Three-dimensionality improves product perception, augmented reality adds digital content to the real world and brings products directly into the user's own world. Whereas a furniture or kitchen purchase without a haptic and analog experience was unthinkable just a few years ago, interaction with the product now happens much earlier and more comprehensively. It can be viewed from all sides and placed virtually in the user's own home. Surfaces and materials can be adapted playfully.

Live on stage: Your product

All of this is revolutionizing digital storytelling. Establishing contact with customers is becoming much easier, and exciting brand stories can be told in a whole new way. This holds immense creative potential in marketing, advertising and sales. Brand stories can be created and told in a more lively, new, different and versatile way. There are almost no limits to the imagination. Target groups can be addressed according to their needs, products can be embedded in cool backgrounds or presented in spectacular scenarios. In short: any story can be told, an attitude to life can be created with which the target group can identify. Quite simply and at the push of a button.

Interactive 3D/AR products embedded in each scenario.

Top Tools for the Information Society

This is not only wonderfully straightforward for today's consumers but also fulfills their longing for knowledge, information, and individualism. What used to be possible only in showrooms or in physical stores can now be experienced and accessed everywhere with digital tools on mobile devices: product knowledge down to the smallest detail. This promotes a very quick identification with the product. The level of interest in making a purchase and the probability of completing the online buying process increase as the identification becomes stronger. However, these advantages are not limited to online purchases alone. Analog shopping also becomes easier with the chance for comprehensive preselection. Those who feel informed and have already comfortably reviewed and evaluated all ordering options at home are highly likely to enter a physical store with a fixed intent to make a purchase.

Hard Facts and Conclusion

Digital storytelling has the ability to directly address a broader target audience, convey brand values and content in a more vivid and lively manner, and engage customers much earlier, faster, and more personally during their research than was previously possible. Roomle's products play a significant role in driving this development forward. With the 3D Viewer, the entry point is established, and with the Product Configurator, every provider has a foothold in the digital experience world. The Room Designer paves the way for augmented reality, and it's much more accessible than you might think. These products can be embedded into all channels with a simple copy-paste code, making not only the purchasing decision easier but also streamlining all sales processes.