Rubens Configurator now makes integration of IDM data effortless

Roomle once again sets new standards in the furniture industry with Rubens Configurator. Even the import of IDM catalogs is now possible easily and directly. This is another significant step in visual product configuration and towards end-to-end digitization.

Melanie Müller, 15.04.2021

Complex products become sellable online through a 3D configurator.

The Integrated Data Model (IDM) for design-intensive furniture has become the industry standard. For manufacturers and retailers who want to catch up in digital sales and offer 3D/AR product visualizations to their customers, it is therefore crucial whether and how they can import IDM catalogs into applications and systems. Roomle Rubens now makes that easy.

"As an experienced partner of the furniture industry and an active member of the DCC [Daten Competence Center e.V.], the needs of the industry and the challenges in the field of e-commerce are known and important to us," said Albert Ortig, CEO of Roomle. "Making it uncomplicated to import IDM data into Rubens Configurator for easy entry into individual product sales was therefore a logical next step for us."

Making complex products sellable online

Especially for complex products, a modular 3D/AR product configurator should be planned as a core element of the online store. With the Rubens Configurator, furniture can be shown in the highest display quality and loading speed on the market - with all details, structures, logics, materials and colors. This not only stimulates the customers' imagination, but also allows them to discover all the possibilities, variants, dimensions and features in an almost playful way.

Award-winning user experience

Another key feature of the Rubens Configurator is the customer-oriented user experience, which is made possible by an easy-to-understand and intuitive interface, among other things. This was confirmed, for example, by the awarding of the German Web Usability Award 2020 to the online store of the furniture manufacturer mudju, in which Roomle's modular product configurator has a central function.

An intuitive interface ensures an optimal user experience.

From configuration to the machine

The exchange of all data in all directions - nothing less Roomle has made possible with the Rubens Configurator. And is thus the ideal solution for holistic, future-proof e-commerce projects. Not only is the simple integration of IDM data possible, but also the uncomplicated transfer of data on configured products to ERP, e-commerce or production systems (CAD/CAM). Just like real-time pricing, which ensures an optimal customer experience.

Omni-channel & multi-platform

Those who sell better, more customer-friendly - also sell more. A 3D/AR product configurator can contribute significantly to this and on all channels. The Rubens Configurator not only supports digital sales, but also makes it easier to build bridges to brick-and-mortar retailers. For example, configuration requests from customers can be forwarded directly to manufacturers and retailers on request, thus creating seamless purchasing opportunities (keyword: connected commerce).

"The product configurator makes it easier to build bridges to our showrooms and provide targeted advice there. Customers now come to our stores with a very concrete idea or even a finished configuration. Sales can thus continue seamlessly."
Brian Heule, CEO mudju

Valuable functions for marketing & sales

Digital renderings in photo-realistic quality can be created for sales, marketing and social media campaigns with just a few clicks. In addition, Roomle Rubens works on all platforms, browsers and devices and is compatible with all common e-commerce systems. Thanks to comprehensive statistics and analyses, valuable insights are gained that facilitate the optimization of processes and increase conversion rates.

HD renderings from all perspectives are easily possible with just a few clicks.

Important step for the furniture industry

"No fitted kitchen or seating landscape can be sold in Europe today without IDM data. Sometimes dealers don't even know that there are IDM catalogs behind the planning programs they use. We are therefore very pleased that Roomle has also implemented the IDM import in its Rubens Configurator," says Dr. Olaf Plümer, Managing Director of Daten Competence Center e. V.

Getting started: IDM Test Package

To make it easier to get started with digital sales, Roomle has now put together an IDM test package. For a low package price, furniture manufacturers and retailers can visualize an initial product in 3D/AR, make it modularly configurable and evaluate the process. The process is accompanied by the experienced Roomle service team. This makes the concrete implementation of a configurator project easier to understand and plan.

end-to-end integration to various systems

For further information, manufacturers/dealers should contact directly

Omni-Channel- & multiplattform-fähig: Rubens Configurator

About Roomle:
Founded in Austria in 2014, Roomle is now an international pioneer and trailblazer in visual product configurators and sets a new global standard in this field with the Roomle Rubens Configurator. Roomle employs 20 people at the creative hotspot Tabakfabrik Linz. CEO is Albert Ortig.

Roomle Rubens is the first "open full logic 3D configurator" that seamlessly represents digital products photo-realistically and with all parameters and structural elements. The 3D product representation can be experienced and experienced app-less in your own room through augmented reality - or can be displayed as a 4k rendering even before it has been produced.