Roomle launches self-service for digital 3D/AR products

Boost your online sales within minutes
From now on, anyone - even without coding knowledge - can digitise their products in 3D & AR and integrate them into all desired channels at the touch of a button. This increases the quality and efficiency of your online shop and raises the probability of your products being purchased. Roomle, known for modular and structural 3D configurations that can be produced directly on demand, starts with a self-service for digital products.

Brita Piovesan, 26.11.2020

3D  & AR Viewer - Headphones

The Rubens 3D Viewer
Strong selling product presentation on all devices: online, live and in 3D

Increased revenue in self-service

Roomle enables you to experience products of the highest quality digitally and on all devices. Desired products can be adapted and configured to individual needs. Furthermore, it is possible to view the object live in the room via augmented reality - even without an app ("app-less AR"). Roomle is internationally renowned in this field.

From now on Roomle completes its offer and enables companies to activate their own products themselves in 3D and augmented reality. At the push of a button and within minutes sofas, coffee machines, bicycles or shelves are digitally available and ready for integration into the web shop or website.

Enrich e-commerce and in-store presentations with interactive 3D/AR products

Increased purchase probability - better shopping experience - more sales

Manufacturers as well as retailers can offer their products in their online shops within minutes in a time-saving way, with all the latest article information and in super realistic quality. The functionalities of digital products lead to more orders in combination with lower return figures and therefore to satisfied customers. Home Depot® (the world's largest retailer of DIY products) has also found that "...people are two to three times more likely to convert when they view a product in AR than others that don't...". According to figures from Shopify and, interactive products are 94% more likely to be bought and have a 22% lower return rate.

With interactive functions such as zoom and 360 degree rotation, the live 3D viewer inspires your customers and presents products in a new dimension. Potential customers interact with the 3D objects and receive the exact information they need for a quick purchase. They can explore the products from all angles and perspectives, and once the desired object has been viewed live in space using augmented reality, it has almost taken its place in the customer's mind. The customers' imagination increases, and with it the probability of purchase and thus also their turnover in the online shop.

Augmented Reality: Try before buy
Rubens offers fast, direct visualisation of products in rooms - on all mobile devices and app-less.

And it's that simple:

In self-service, the 3D data of the desired product is uploaded to the Roomle Data Cloud. A handful of formats are available here that Roomle works with. The result can then be viewed. You receive immediate feedback on the quality of the 3D data and see the digitised product live. If the data is correct, an embed code is available, which can be integrated online just like a youtube video. The sale of your interactive 3D/AR products can begin on all marketing and sales channels.

These simple three steps, quickly increase the quality and efficiency of your online sales. After a free 14-day trial period, the Level 1 package costs Euro 120 per month.
Transparent and clear price lists provide insight into the costs of the new Roomle Services.

Starting even without previous skills: the "go as you grow" principle

Roomle has switched to a four level system: Levels 1 and 2 work in self-service. Here products can be displayed as 3D/AR models or in a next step (Level 2) in different colours at the push of a button. No previous skills are necessary.

Level 3 is the starting point for the modular and structural configuration - which fully maps the logic of the products. Level four enables configured products to be passed on to production in machine-readable form. Levels 3 and 4 are offered with Roomle team guidance.

Here is an overview of the four levels:

All four levels work on the "go as you grow" principle and give you the freedom you need to adapt your products to the requirements of the market. This means: there are no restrictions on which level you want to start at. They are designed in such a way that the right functions are available for every product, every complexity and every market. From simple to complex.