Linking shopper and production

End-to-end digitalisation – from the customer's experience to the order to production: digital furniture platform Roomle uses 3D data and the configuration inputs entered by the customer or customer's advisor to generate a live "digital twin" of the final product, which can be ordered at the push of a button and manufactured immediately. B2B ordering is seamlessly integrated into the production process. This means that, for the first time ever, the entire digitalisation and ordering process is fully mapped for consumers, retailers and manufacturers.

Brita Piovesan, 05.03.2019

From the consumer to the machine

It really is as simple as it sounds: the product configuration selected by the customer and presented in a format that is easily comprehensible to buyers and sellers is translated into a technical configuration in the background.Roomle creates stock lists that are converted into production data and can be transferred to the manufacturer's ERP system or directly to a CNC machine, irrespective of product category. This playful and effective method leads to an increase in omni-channel sales and allows Roomle to optimize the standard pathway from customer to retailer to manufacturer and add value for everyone involved in the chain.

A huge asset for professionals as well
Now, not only consumers can shop more individually, at any time, and quite simply and directly. The specialist trade in particular benefits enormously from the new perspectives unfolding here: every alternative design version of a single model can be displayed to the customer at the touch of a button in amazingly photorealistic image quality. Complexity that cannot be reproduced in even the most extensive catalogues is easily visualized in 3D/AR with the Roomle configurator. Planning your interior becomes vastly more enjoyable, as new worlds open up for buyers and sellers alike. Every manufacturer's performance potential can be fully tapped and every possible configuration can be
displayed, offered and sold – even before it has been produced. The ordering process is automated and error-free from the initial order to the final delivery. The resources that are freed up for retailers and manufacturers can be optimally used in sales.

Roomle meets your customers at every point of contact and considerably increases their willingness to buy. The digital options help to make the decision-making process significantly shorter and allow you to close the sale faster. The easier it is to create the configuration for every product, the more critically important time can ultimately be devoted to servicing those needs, such as trying out the furniture personally or experiencing it haptically, that simply cannot be replaced. Small items of furniture and home accessories are already being ordered without hesitation at the click of a mouse. Thanks to Roomle, this will someday be a very simple process used for modular furniture and complex furnishings as well.

Digital furniture platform
Digital furniture platform