Augmented Reality: Shaping the Future of eCommerce

Augmented Reality (AR) is reshaping eCommerce by enabling consumers to visualize products in their environment. Despite low adoption, consumers favor AR and businesses witness a 45% sales increase with its use. Roomle's 3D & AR Product Viewer makes AR accessible, enhancing the shopping experience and reducing returns. AR is the present and future of eCommerce, revolutionizing online shopping.

Brita Piovesan, 05.09.2023

Previewing products in your environment before making a purchase is a major advancement.

Augmented Reality: A Paradigm Shift in eCommerce

Picture a virtual shopping mall right at your fingertips, accessible from the sanctuary of your home. The age-old dilemma for consumers, who often grapple with gauging product quality and suitability without physical interaction, is now a relic of the past. Augmented Reality in eCommerce is at the vanguard of a paradigm shift, revolutionizing how we engage with products online. It acts as the conduit narrowing the chasm between in-store and online shopping experiences.

Visualizing Products in Real Environments

Among the salient features of Augmented Reality, the ability to visualize products in one's environment prior to purchase stands as a pivotal advancement. This technology grants consumers the capability to scrutinize products from every conceivable angle in vivid, photorealistic detail, providing an immersive 360-degree view. Gone are the days of trepidation concerning the fit of that new sofa in your living room.

Remarkably, a mere 1% of retailers worldwide currently harness the potential of AR, despite a resounding 61% of consumers expressing a preference for retailers offering AR experiences. To set your business apart, consider this: a staggering 49% of customers possess a more vivid mental image of a product when they can interact with it. This translates into tangible gains, with businesses reporting a notable 45% increase in sales upon integrating interactive 3D/AR solutions into their platforms.

Enhanced Shopping Experiences and Beyond

The impact of AR extends far beyond sales figures. Shoppers engaged with 3D products exhibit sessions lasting 150% longer, evidencing heightened immersion and commitment to the shopping process. This results in elevated customer satisfaction and significantly curtails product returns.

For those aiming to make an indelible mark and elevate their brand, Augmented Reality presents an invaluable avenue.

The importance of 3D & AR

Roomle's Cutting-Edge Solution

In this context, Roomle proudly introduces its state-of-the-art 3D & AR Viewer, designed to seamlessly integrate Augmented Reality solutions into your eCommerce platform. Our solution empowers customers to interact with your product catalog in an immersive and captivating manner. The genuine potency of AR in eCommerce manifests through the creation of memorable and engaging customer experiences, leading to heightened satisfaction and boosted sales.

The beauty of Roomle's technology lies in its accessibility. You need not be a tech savant to navigate our solution. Anyone can effortlessly manipulate Roomle's 3D products, rotating, zooming, and even exploring them within their own real-time environment. From furniture to consumer electronics, Roomle's technology breathes life into your offerings, right within the customer's space.

Embracing a New Era of eCommerce

Whether you are an astute business owner eager to enhance your eCommerce enterprise or a discerning shopper keen to embrace this groundbreaking technology, Augmented Reality heralds a new era in online retail. As you consider this transformative technology, remember that it empowers you to provide customers with a captivating shopping experience through interactive 3D/AR content.

Watch our Video on the possibilities of Augmented Reality:

Benefits of AR for Online Sales:

  • Building confidence in the product:
    AR makes customers aware of every detail of the product, giving them additional trust in an item: they know exactly what to expect from the product.

  • Convenience increases:
    Neither restricted opening hours nor remote store location can influence customer traction anymore.

  • Real-life simulation:
    “Try-before-you-buy” is no longer an experience reserved for physical shops. The AR simulation places the product directly in the living room of your clients.

  • Inspires imagination:
    Placing the product virtually in the living room helps shoppers envision the real product: they instantly think of the time after they already made the purchase and are more like to grow attached to the item.

But not only customer’s experiences are improved by AR technology. Retailers, as well as manufacturers, can profit in many ways as well:

Benefits for Retailers & Manufacturers:

  • Higher customer engagement - maximize sales:
    Shoppers are 20% more likely to buy a product with the use of a 3D configurator. 150% longer session duration with 3D products

  • More sales, higher shopping cart values:
    Up to 40% higher conversions in online stores with 3D/AR products and configurators

  • Reduce returns and incorrect orders:
    Every 6th order is returned. Reduce your costs significantly. 45% faster buying decisions through the use of 3D/AR

  • Saves costs: especially for retailers, shop rent, and costs of displaying a product physically can be minimized.

  • New target group: the novelty attracts a younger generation of clients: being informed of the possibilities of AR, they are native to the concept and embrace its implementation in e-commerce.