3D/AR Configurators for your Online Channels

What drives a brand’s innovative E-Commerce activities and operations? It´s all about delivering engaging and intuitive shopping experiences for customers across all channels and making it easy for customers to individualize & visualize furniture in realistic quality before they click the ‘add to shopping basket’ button. Integrating the Roomle configurator is like embedding a video. No matter if it is implemented on a website or an online shop and no matter how complex the products are that have to be configured - the configurator improves and simplifies the processes along the producer-retailer-buyer chain.

Brita Piovesan, 19.11.2018

The importance of E-commerce has become reality in the retail landscape. However, retailers still have to learn and understand that a single-channel digital presence is not enough anymore today. The quality of shopping experiences customers receive can determine whether they buy or not. Retailers and brands have to develop their key positioning and digital touchpoints strategy and explore the right channel fit ( such as social media, marketplaces as well as shopping engines) for their business and customers. People want to plan in a digital and photo-realistic way with their partner & family at home. Furniture is only purchased if it really meets the individual needs and fits at home.

Photorealistic 3D Configurator for all channels
Photorealistic 3D Configurator for all channels

Roomle is the first cloud-based digital furniture platform that defines a new standard for highly configurable furniture across all channels. It provides the furniture industry with a technology that, for the first time, maps the digitization process seamless - from end consumers to production - and this technology is really easy to implement. The result: Selling faster, better and more - at the touch of a button.

This is how it works

Roomle´s photorealistic 3D furniture configurator & AR functionality is designed to be embedded seamlessly into all sales apps, web and E-Commerce platforms.

  • Roomle provides complete API implementation documentation
  • define the area you want to implement the 3D configurator on your product page
  • embed Roomle configurator javascript on your product page
  • access to Roomle API to collect individual configuration item lists
    • product / configuration part list (including article no., product sizes, meta data, ...)
    • unique Roomle configuration link (the configuration can be called up again at any time via the unique Roomle ID)
    • high-quality image of the dedicated configuration for takeovers in the shop cart
Compatible with all major e-Commerce platforms
Compatible with all major platforms
Compatible with all major platforms
Advantages for manufacturers // retailers // buyers


With the Roomle Configurator, manufacturers get an optimal hands on tool for their distribution channels. The producer defines the products and has the sovereignty about them.

  • products need to be created once and can easily be integrated into third-party platforms and all sales & distribution channels
  • ready-made sales solutions can be rolled out - own price logic included
  • no more printed catalogs - the configurator maps all product data
  • user-driven, not process-driven!
  • easily display complex products - for end consumers and retailers
  • products are available for online marketing

Producers will appreciate that Roomle replaces expensive photo shootings of new product ranges – and that it shortens the rollout of new products from months to mere days, down to the point where furniture does not need to exist physically to get sold. Highly efficient individual custom furniture production is now feasible – as is the management of furniture programs with literally thousands of configuration options.

Configurator Shop Integration
Configurator Shop Integration

Generally spoken there are two possibilities to integrate the configurator on your website:
A) website integration (with shop/e-commerce platform) - to sell products directly
B) website integration (without shop) - to trigger and generate product requests / leads for your distribution channels

Even if you do not have an online shop on your homepage, the configurator can be used to generate inquiries.

Great functionality in short:

  • initiate a request process - e-mail is sent home or can be opened with a link (ID) at the dealer or at customer´s home to continue configuring. The data goes directly to the POS (to the retailer)
  • Retailer/Producer has access to the entire configuration order details & data

Retailer/ Producer will find that the Roomle configurator will do away with dozens of showroom items, tons of catalogs and material samples, many planning services and error-prone order processes.

Share and rollout
Share and rollout

Products from manufacturers can be integrated 1:1 into all E-commerce and direct sales channels and systems. A plug-and-play solution with the right data for the right product. Live price calculation is triggered via the leading E-commerce systems.

Great functionality in short:

  • sell highly configurable products at the push of a button
  • easy integration into all channels, with all data ready for ordering
  • multi-device availability: configured products displayed on any device online & mobile
  • live price calculation
  • POS sales usage via desktop / iPad or at POS-Touchpoint Terminals
  • this supports the imagination and increases the purchasing power
  • 24/7 online sales channel

Shop Integration examples
3D Configurator - Shop integration
Sitzfeldt Sofa - Shop integration

And finally: Customers will enjoy purchasing furniture like never before, because the Roomle Configurator is intuitive and spontaneous like an online game. This will lower the purchasing threshold. Ultimately, the Configurator opens the path to user-driven furniture design.

Customers enjoy configuring
Customers enjoy configuring

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