Roomle launches self-service for digital 3D/AR products image

Roomle launches self-service for digital 3D/AR products

Boost your online sales within minutes
From now on, anyone - even without coding knowledge - can digitise their products in 3D & AR and integrate them into all desired channels at the touch of a button. This increases the quality and efficiency of your online shop and raises the probability of your products being purchased. Roomle, known for modular and structural 3D configurations that can be produced directly on demand, starts with a self-service for digital products.

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Roomle Rubens Configurator image

Roomle Rubens Configurator

The first open full logic 3D product configurator
In the era of the Internet, the digital visualization of products is becoming increasingly important for market success. Product configurators are becoming more and more important for both - B2C and B2B. With the Roomle Rubens Configurator, Roomle is now setting a new standard worldwide: It is the first open 3D configurator capable of showing digital product models complete with all their logic and extensive interfaces. Choose from four levels offering progressively more functionality to match the type and complexity of the project, the level of digitisation required, and either self-service or with support. Whatever level of configuration you need, the right option is available, on a customer-specific basis.

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Why is 3D Visualization The Future Of Commerce? image

Why is 3D Visualization The Future Of Commerce?

Being able to thoroughly inspect a product before buying - without leaving the house? 3D visualization makes it possible. This new e-commerce trend is the bridge between physical shops and online retailers - and goes even further than that. How does it work and in what ways will this novel technology shape the digital market place?

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Roomle Launches Multi-Channel 3-D Product Configurator image

Roomle Launches Multi-Channel 3-D Product Configurator

Adding a personal design touch to a piece of furniture and previewing the effect in your own home environment is now totally easy: Roomle delves into personalization, customization and configuration of industrial products, introducing a novel 3-D configurator based on the enormously popular Roomle Planner for iPad, iPhone and web. It works real-time and in 3-D on every channel. From now on, the new technology is available for all online shops.

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