Roomle – the Business Case in VR/ AR Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is already omnipresent. It really shines where operating in a real-world environment would be dangerous, unwieldy or expensive – like e.g. in aircraft cockpit simulations or complicated surgery. VR also offers exciting new prospects for marketing: Think walking through a hotel before booking your room, driving a car before buying or renting… – The technology platform for immersion into the new virtual reality sits in every smartphone user´s pocket, ready for use around the clock. But up to now, content has been sparse and mostly available in shop environments or during marketing drives. Making VR available everywhere and giving consumers the tools to interactively shape environments and products is the new, exciting promise of Roomle.

Brita Piovesan, 12.04.2016

Marketing-relevant content – seamless on all platforms
The Austrian startup Roomle provides both technology and content for furniture producers, retail and consumers.
Customizable products and individual furniture are presented live and real-time in 2- or 3D on all marketing channels for viewing in augmented and virtual reality and buying with the push of a button. This is an absolute first, making marketing-relevant VR content seamlessly available and viewable across all platforms.
Roomle is easy to use and completely intuitive: Customizing furniture and placing it into a virtual representation of one´s home requires no special expertise any more. Everybody can do it with Roomle via web, iPad or iPhone.

Virtual goes real-world – a huge chance for the furniture industry
Roomle launches the furniture industry into a bright future, closing the gap between online and brick&mortar, because from now on consumers can experience every single piece of furniture in virtual reality, placing it into plans and real rooms, customizing, reviewing and buying spontaneously. Formerly indispensable showrooms and flagship-stores are now mere options. All products are available for inspection on Roomle. The industry can return its focus on selling. Fun and brilliant user experience take the stage. Data and technology are managed discreetly in the background by Roomle.

Roomle – Bring your plan to life!
Roomle defines itself as a technology and sales platform for plan-based marketing, available on the web and via mobile apps. Roomle makes planning and furnishing rooms simple, complex product configurations in real-time 3-D possible, and latest technology easy and intuitive like a video game. The Roomle user-base already comprises 750.000 registered users and altogether over two million users worldwide, with the strongest national user-bases in Germany, the USA, Russia, China and Italy. Current growth rates are 40.000 new registered users and 65.000 app downloads per months.

Roomle advantages at a glance:

  • Simple fingertip-drawing of floorplans
  • Intuitive processing of complex product configurations
  • Error-free order process, even of customized products
  • Immediate pricing and detailed product information
  • Reduced costs and faster, more efficient sales process
  • Standardized order process
  • Enhanced interaction with customers and speedier purchase decisions
  • Multichannel support: Roomle can be embedded in all types of online presences
  • Virtual walks through furnished rooms in 3-D support decision-making
  • Augmented/virtual Reality: place virtual furniture into your own real room or walk through furniture configuration using VR-goggles.

Roomle at Salone del Mobile 2016
Roomle CEO Albert Ortig will be present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan on April 13th, 2016. Take the occasion to learn more about Roomle and meet Albert Ortig in person. Contact us: Tel.: +43 732 790903-750 or