What is Diminished Reality? image

What is Diminished Reality?

Reality is what you make of it? Well - this doesn’t always mean adding some stuff. Wouldn’t you sometimes like to “photoshop” things out of your life? Then we are talking about Diminished Reality already.

Unlike Augmented Reality, in which virtual objects are added to the user's environment, Diminished Reality removes components of reality from the viewer's perspective. Based on computer vision techniques, unwanted image elements are detected and replaced by other image elements, creating an overall plausible and consistent impression for the viewer.

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5 Steps for Visual 3D & AR E-Commerce success image

5 Steps for Visual 3D & AR E-Commerce success

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a common saying, which is still relevant today and couldn’t be more up to date within digital commerce right now. Visual elements have always played an important role within the customer journey - yet not many know how to use the full potential of this marketing device.

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AR’s impact on e-Commerce in numbers image

AR’s impact on e-Commerce in numbers

Augmented reality is supposed to be the new trend of e-commerce - everybody is talking about its applications right now. Is it really worth the hype - or much ado about nothing? What is really behind this new shopping experience and what are the actual benefits? Skipping the sweet talk, we will look at statistics and access the future of e-commerce on a factual basis.

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Roomle launches self-service for digital 3D/AR products image

Roomle launches self-service for digital 3D/AR products

Boost your online sales within minutes
From now on, anyone - even without coding knowledge - can digitise their products in 3D & AR and integrate them into all desired channels at the touch of a button. This increases the quality and efficiency of your online shop and raises the probability of your products being purchased. Roomle, known for modular and structural 3D configurations that can be produced directly on demand, starts with a self-service for digital products.

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How does Augmented Reality impact e-Commerce sales? image

How does Augmented Reality impact e-Commerce sales?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the new big trend in e-Commerce. Rightfully so: while being hit by a pandemic, the widespread adoption and the continuous advancement of the internet in combination with the newest AR technology might be the savior of online retail. AR is predicted to generate more than 120 billion US-dollars in 2020, making it a new opportunity just waiting to be leveraged.

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VR Cardboard Integration image

VR Cardboard Integration

From now on, the virtual reality feature is integrated into the Roomle app 2.6. Easily switch from the walkthrough mode (1st person view) to the VR mode.

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Augmented Room Sketching & Plan to Shop image

Augmented Room Sketching & Plan to Shop

Roomle version 2.4 comes with a feature that makes it easier for you to map your rooms: Augmented room scanning - with the latest Apple devices (as of iPhone 6S).

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ARKit enabled — Roomle version 2.2 image

ARKit enabled — Roomle version 2.2

Roomle version 2.2 comes with enhanced Augmented Reality quality and a bunch of improvements. The incredibly simple user interface, matches all technologies — including Apple´s ARKit.

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